Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Leave No Classmate Behind--or With the Wrong E-mail

Leave No Classmate Behind
Taz recently gathered a ragtag army of volunteers for the Bountiful High School 1979 Reunion. Everyone except me apparently drank a potion that keeps them from aging a day since high school.

I also discovered that the Found list on the blogspot contains the names of people with a current e-mail or possibly a not-so-current home address. The List of the Lost means we don't have an e-mail address or any home address.

You will hear more in the next few weeks about additional efforts to find all of our classmates. E-mail will really help us keep costs down. Please take a look at both lists and let us know if you have a current mailing address or e-mail address for a classmate--including yourself. Debbie Brown Harding has agreed to help keep the most current and accurate list. Please send any information you have to Deb at (NOTE: I originally posted this with the wrong e-mail for Debbie by using .com instead of .net. If you sent her something at the .com address it is now lost in the ether. Please try again and consider volunteering as my editor)

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  1. on this page our email is is when it should be thanks

    scott updyke