Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The time for the picnic at the Bountiful City Park has been changed to 11 a.m. - 2p.m. Three entire hours to try and remember the last 30 years.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


August 7, 2009
Grand America Hotel, ballroom C
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM check-in
Dinner at 7:00 PM
Live musical group playing favorites from the 70's!

Bountiful Ridge Golf Course
August 7, 2009
2340 S. Bountiful Blvd.
Tees Times 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Contact Jeff Pawlowski at pawlowski.jeff@ups.com
for prices.

Bountiful City Park Pavilion
400 North 200 West
Saturday, August 8th- 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Bring your own lunch

Tickets for the reunion dinner and dance are $60.00 per person. On-line ticket purchase is $62.00 with a 8% service fee per ticket. Go to http://www.bountiful1979.myevent.com/. Tickets can also be purchased by sending a check or money order for $60 per person to:
Bonnie Labrum
1050 S. 200 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Debbie (Brown) Harding
45 South 1150 East
Bountiful, UT 84010

Make check or money order to: Bountiful High School 1979 Reunion

Friday, April 17, 2009


The Bountiful High Class of 1979 Reunion will be held at 7:00 p.m., August 7, 2009. Location is now the Grand America Hotel, 555 S. Main, Salt Lake City.


The reunion has moved across the street to the Grand America Hotel, 555 S. Main, Salt Lake City. It will be the same date and time and the same price. We are being moved because Little America is being remodeled at this time. More fancy without costing more money.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Leave No Classmate Behind--or With the Wrong E-mail

Leave No Classmate Behind
Taz recently gathered a ragtag army of volunteers for the Bountiful High School 1979 Reunion. Everyone except me apparently drank a potion that keeps them from aging a day since high school.

I also discovered that the Found list on the blogspot contains the names of people with a current e-mail or possibly a not-so-current home address. The List of the Lost means we don't have an e-mail address or any home address.

You will hear more in the next few weeks about additional efforts to find all of our classmates. E-mail will really help us keep costs down. Please take a look at both lists and let us know if you have a current mailing address or e-mail address for a classmate--including yourself. Debbie Brown Harding has agreed to help keep the most current and accurate list. Please send any information you have to Deb at tetonjohn@comcast.net. (NOTE: I originally posted this with the wrong e-mail for Debbie by using .com instead of .net. If you sent her something at the .com address it is now lost in the ether. Please try again and consider volunteering as my editor)

Friday, March 27, 2009

One More Website for Reunion Information

Here's one more website to get the latest information, sign up etc. for the Bountiful High Class of 1979 30th Reunion:
Big shout out to Debbie (Brown) for putting this together.
Also, here's a question for all of you. Would you be more interested in an online book with photos and information about all your classmates, a hard-copy book or both?
Please post your comments below.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

High School Nicknames

How many remember your nicknames or the nicknames of other from the Bountiful High Class of 1979? I will start a list and hopefully you can add to it. (Please don't list anything obscene or hurtful)


Stan Christensen-----Stan the Man, Magilla
Ryan Hodges----------Keith
Mike Kramer----------Fish
Ben Lambert----------Gentle Ben
Les Lemmon-----------Hank
Lynn Muir------------Lynnerd, Gary
Paul Murphy----------Murph, Chuck, Clay
Diane Newton---------Fig
Brett Ogilvie--------Og: pronounced Oh-guh
David Singley--------Sing-Ping, Spalding
Scott Stewart--------Beef

Monday, March 16, 2009


Dave and Marilyn have graciously agreed to organize and reserve a place for a picnic.
When: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Saturday, August 8 (park reserved from 9 a.m.)
Where: Bountiful City Park, 200 West 400 North, Bountiful
What: This part is still up in the air. Dave and Marilyn are looking for volunteers who would like to organize games, events, etc. You can reach Dave at dbadham@badhamconstructioninc.com

Monday, March 9, 2009


Here's another place to connect with the Bountiful High Class of 1979:
You can post comments, pictures etc. I still like Facebook better but we are trying everything until we find out what works best. Special thanks to Debbie Brown Harding.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Date and Place of Reunion

The Bountiful High Class of 1979 Reunion will include dinner at the Little America Hotel ballroom in Salt Lake City on August 7, 2009. Discount rates are available for the hotel room. More activities and updates are coming soon.

Still Missing E-mail List 3/26

Here is the new list of people that we don't have e-mail addresses:



David Allen
David Anderson
Jess Aragon


Pam Bailey
Russell Ballentyne
James Bell
Bruce Benson
Kevin Bowen
Kathleen Brooks
Gary Brown
Marc Brown
Shauna Brown


Jeff Call
Laurie Capps (McKinnon)
Grace Chen
Cheryl Cooeyate


Marianne Danner
Tahereh Dibadin
Diane Draper
Afsaneh Dreaein


Maureen Eddington


Nick Ford


Jon Gerber
Mark Giatras
Laura Griffin (Reeder)


Bryce Hall
Heidi Halverson
Kae Hansen
Jeff Hanson
Rich Hill
Robert Holmes
Sandra Holmes
Shawn Housley
Bill Huber


Mark Jensen
Mark Jeppson
Jana Johnson (Peterson)
Richard Johnson
Eric Jordan


Douglas Kay
Brooke Kimball


Barbara Langton (Cooper)
Wayne Larsen
Rex Lindley


Chris Manfull (Forsidick)
Teresa McBride
Bonnie Mcllrath
Kendall McKee
Melanie Mitchell (Taylor)
Stuart Moore
Lynda Morril


Jay Nelson
Kim Nelson
Kirk Nicholson


Darci Olsen


Kim Peterson (Nuklos)
Jody Platt


Rodney Reed
Lynn Richards
Ken Richeson


Rebecca Salari
Kelly Ann Schaeffermeyer
Rob Seely
Mark Sletten
David Smith
Richard Smith
Erma Spencer
Shauna Stewart (Russell)
Denna Sutton
Nancy Swift


Greg Taylor


Mary Walker
Lisa Watts
John Wetherell
Colin Wilson
Leslie Wing
Ward Witt


Facebook Group

Bountiful High Class of '79 has a place on Facebook. Please go here to catch up with your classmates, post photos and comments:

Promotion Team:
Class Mate search: Diana Newton Anderson andersongroup@aol.com,
Website Photo and Bio collection – Paul Murphy pcmurf@gmail.com
Invititation – Debbie Brown Harding tetonjohn@comcast.com
Mailing Debbie Brown Harding
Tickets – Ron and Jill Graham rgraham44@msn.com; Shelley Schmutz Olsen shelleyaolsen@yahoo.com
Special invited guests - ??
In memorium - ??

Treasurer - ??

Event Team:
Venue/menu – Taz Murray tazm@dynamicconfections.com
Decorations/Displays Ron and Jill Graham rgraham44@msn.com; Shelley Schmutz Olsen shelleyaolsen@yahoo.com
Entertainment - ?
Program/awards/slide show – Ann Stout Hansen annhansengmail.com
Photographer/videographer/dvd - ??
On site logistics –Taz Murray tazm@dynamicconfections.com
Memory books - Paul Murphy pcmurf@gmail.com
Informal events - ??
Registration, Name tags, decoration, displays - and Jill Graham rgraham44@msn.com; Shelley Schmutz Olsen shelleyaolsen@yahoo.com

Before and After
Golf – Jeff Pawlowski Pawlowski.jeff@ups.com
Picnic - ??

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thirty Year Reunion

Bountiful High School Class of 1979 will have its 30 year reunion on August 7, 2009. We are currently working on the details and trying to collect e-mail addresses for everyone. This blog site will also become a place to share information, photos and anything else you would like to share with your classmates. Please take a look at the list below and see if you can help.
Paul Murphy pcmurf@gmail.com
Taz Murray tazm@dynamicconfections.com

Leanard Adair
Todd Addair
Victor Adiar
Paul Adams
Samuel Alberts
David Allenussel Ballentyne
Lalita (Asmus) Smith
Todd Balmforth
Jerri Barber
Dale Barton
Penny Bates
Sharon Bearnson
Tony Beheshti
Stephen Behunin
James Bell
Mary Bemis
Stephen Benedict
Debbie Bennet (Mohlman)
Lynne Bennett
Bruce Benzon
Teresa Beveridbe
Josh Beisinger
Mark Bigler
Lewis Billy
Greg Black
Frederick Bloomfield
Connie Bloomquist (Goble)
David Boulden
Keven Bowen
Byron Bowman
John Brinton
Kathleen Brooks
Gary Brown
Glane Brown
Kenneth Brown
Marc Brown
Shauna Bwon
Brent Bryant
Michell Bryson
Holly Burningham
Pau Burnighhan
Ross Burnighham
David Busk
Kenin Butt
Wendi Butters
Colleen Calder (Craven)
Teri Call
Thomas Call
Toni Campa
Alan Campeau
Lauri Capps
Jeff Carter
Julie Capser
Jan Chatlin
Grace Chen
Leonida Christensen
Rob & Jill (O'Brien) Christensen
Roy Christensen
Stan Christensen
Mark Clark
Vikki Clark
Lkinda Clawson
Jordan Clay
Sandy Clayton
Marcie Cole
Lisalyn Collier
Cheryl Cooeyte
Elizabeth Cooper
John Covey
Lori Cox
Val Crockett (Schofield) ??
Mithcell Dolby
Rick Dalton
Yvonne Dalton
Mariann Danner
James Davies
Kari Davis
Brenda Dean
Joe Denning
Laurel Denny (Stouffer)
Alan Devereaux
Kenin Diamon
Tahereh Dibadin
Richard Dodd
John Dowler
Diane Draper
Jeanette Dubach (& Bill Wood)
Ronald Dugger
Laurel Duncan
Todd Dyson
Marueen Eddington
Tara Egbert
Micheal Eiting
Mitch Eithing
Tammt Elton
Matt Evans
Scott Everett
Ken Fernelius
Deven Ferre
Debbie Ferrell
Mike Figgins
Boyd Fisher
Sherly Flint
Brent Fluckiger
Michelle Follette
Nick Ford
Mathew Fowler
Eddie Fowles
Laura Francis
Jon Gerber
Debbie Gerrard
Mark Biatras
Daniel Glenn
Carol Gobiola
Kathi Godfrey
Bonnie Golightly
Sarah Gore
Jeff Graham
Debbie Green
Laura Griffin
Barbara Bugler
Cheryl Gunty
Cindy Hadden
Bryce Hall
Phill Hammond
Kae Hansen
Lori (Hansen) Jacobsen
Wendy (Hansen) Gunderson
Jeff Hanson
Vance Hanson
Kristine Harker
Joann Harris
Ann Harrison
Pam Harrison
Heidi Haurand
Latecia K Hazen
LaVerne Heath
Cary Henrie
Lisa Hendrickson
Nathan Higgins
Rich Hill
Wendell Hintze
Richard Hirschi
Ryan Hodges
Julie Hogan
Sandy Holmes
Scott Horsley
Sherril Houghton
Becky Houtz
Lori Hubbard
Bill Huber
Michell Hugie
LeAnn Jarrard
Jennifer (Jelden) Sahm
Eric Jensen
Mark Jeppson
Jana Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Richard Johnson
Terrie Johnson
Tracy Johnson
Elaine Jones
Rob Jones
Veijo Jones
Eric Jordan
Alycia Jorgenson Sumsion (& Kevin Sumsion)
Debbie Katsilas
Douglas Kay
Rodney Kay
Victoria Keiser
Roy Kelsey
Brooke Kimball
Kary King
Dorothy Kinnear
Janell Knott
Sam Kuan
Brad Lacomb
Ben Lambert
Gina Landvatter
Barbary Langton
Richard Lawrence
Wendy Layton
Karol Lebert (Pennock)
Kerry Lee
Mark Lee
Maria Lewis
Sue Linford
Denis Longhurst
John Luddington
Sue Lund
Tami Lund
Mike Lundquist
Lori Lunt
Gary Mackelprang
Chris Manfull
Dian Martineau
Teresa McBride
Wayne McConkie
Mary McGregor
Bonnie Mcllrath
Kelly Mcllrath
Mackay McIntosh
Kendall McKee
James McKinnon
Jime Meredith
Rodney Merrill
Michelle Mickelson
Mike Minhondo
Dara Miller
Melanie Mitchell
Bryan Montgomery
Karen Moore
Stuart Moore
Lynda Morril
Norene Moss
Debbie Morrow
Paula Mortensen
Sherry Moultree
Kim Muir
Lynn Muir
Phillip Myers
Jay Nelson
Kim Nelson
Suzann (Nelson) Kiisel
Steve Nelson
Kathy Neuschwander
Connie Nielson
Scott Nielson
Jill O'Brien (Christensen)
Bret Ogilvie
Allisyn Okawa
Shelly (Oldham) Johnson
Darci Olsen
Susan Olson
Elli Oman
Brad Orchard
Farel Osmond
Beverly Ossmen
Avonne Palmer
Chuck Palmer
Andrew parker
Cheryl Parker
Paige Parkin
Linda Passey
Sherri Peart
Eric Pederson
Gay Lynn Pederson
Cindee Peterson
Jeanette Peterson
Jill Peterson
Kim Peterson
Rees Peterson
Rose Marie (Peterson) Murray
Lori Pierce
Bob Pino
Jody Platt
Tracy Price
Becky Prows
Polly Rasmussen
Chris Ratcliffe
Scott Rawley
Janice Rawlins
Rodney Reed
Walter Rettie
Jay Richards
Lynn Richards
Dave Rickers
Steve Riley
Lindsay Roberts
Natalie Robinson
Rebecca Salari
Shannon Sappenfield
Nancy Sargent
Kelly Ann Schaeffermeyer
Tina Sedgley
Rob Seely
John Sessions
Ryan Shaum
Shawndra Sheilds
Todd Showell
John Sletten
Mark Sletten
Michelle (Sletten) Beaird
Linda Smith
Maurine (Smith) Newhall
Richard Smith
Robert Smith
Shelly Smith
Shelly Smith (Pitts)
Steve Smith
Stuart Smith
Dave Snow
Cindy Snyder
Matilda Soue
Emma Spencer
Rodney Stauffer
Brad Steed
Alan Stewart
Mile Stoof
Vicki Stowell
Jayne Stringfellow
Kevin Sumsion & (Alissa Jorgenson)
Denna Sutton
Sharon Swenson
Steve Swertfeger
Nancy Swift
Karrie Taggart
Annette Talmage
Dan Taylor
Randy Tebbs
Todd Thain
Glenn Thalman
Diana (Thompson) Portzline
Todd Thompson
Kit Thornell
Kathy Thornley
Kerry Thorup
Roger Tilson
Tracy Tingey
Wendy Tolman
Brayn Torgenerson
Jory Trease
Jane Urie
Scott Updyke
Clay Vetter
Greg Walker
Julie Walker
Brian Wall
Becky Wallace
Lisa Watts
Teri Webb
Mary Welker
Caroline White
Brenda Whitecar
Theresa Willhard
Colin Wilson
Selene Wimer
Jamie Winborg
Leslie Wing
Bill & Jeanette (Dubach) Wood
Grover Wray
Margo Wride
Randy Wright
Lucinda Young
Kristi Youngblood